1'Notting Hill Carnival' - Culture Imam
2'Loving You' - Althea Black
3'Shaker' - Meshak
4'Your Touch' - Rhythm Junkies
5'How Many Heart' - Scissors
6'Tendai Mwari' - Raspect
7'All Women' - Mykle Anthony & Loveshadow
8'Gimme Fi Mi Pie' - Ras Lawi
9'Love recipe' - Al Desmond

The Respect Album

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The legacy of Carnival has shaped our modern culture playing a major role annually in reinforcing a continuity of community togetherness. A principle placed in high regard and present in the lives and traditions of the windrush generation.

It was the Sound Systems they transported with them from the Caribbean that heavily influenced popular music and it has continued to be at the forefront laying a solid foundation and backdrop for making something happen in our neighbourhoods.

This heritage set the stage by allowing a brave space for empowering new music creations, thereby helping to realise a lifestyle for a new social and economic prosperity birthed out of the bedrock of impoverished communities, succeeding to do what all governments around the world only hope to do, disrupt racial and social fragility.

This Album is the 1st of its kind proudly made to Respect the roots & institutional values of this fundamental cultural inheritance.