12a Donald Byrd - Wind Parade 1975
22c_One Nation Under A Groove - Funkadelic (1978)
42fThe Crusaders - Street Life Extended album version 1979
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63aStevie Wonder - Master Blaster Jammin 1980
73bGeorge Benson - Give Me the Night 1980
83Kurtis Blow - The Breaks 1980
9The Message (Extended Version)
105dMichael Jackson - Billie Jean 1982
115fDouble Trouble At The Amphitheater 1982
125gHoward Johnson - So Fine 1982
135hPatrice Rushen - Remind MeALBUM Straight from the heart 1982
145Afika Bambaataa - Beat This A Hip Hop History 1982
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169Jimmy Spicer- Money (Dollar Bill Ya'll).1983
1710T. SKI VALLEY Catch The beat.1983
1811Angel Eyes - Lime 1983
1912 Xena On The Upside Club Mix 1983
2013Shannon - Give Me Tonight 1983
2117Play that beat DJ Globe FT Whiz Kid.1984
2218Aleem Release Yourself Dub 1984
2319The Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt.1984
2420Scott La Rock KRS ONE - Advance 1984
2521Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom vocals Joseph Saulter.1984
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2723aFreddy Jackson - Rock Me Tonight For Old Times Sake 1985
2823bLuther Vandross - The Night I Fell in Love 1985
2923Maze Twilight - 1985
3024RUN DMC Peter Piper 1986
3125The Force - It s O. K. It s O. K 1986
3227Adonis No way back 1987
3329aMILES JAYE - Lets start love over 1987
3429bRebecca Bell Armstrong- Pressing On 1987
3529Liz Torres - Can t Get Enough 1987
3631Royal House Party People B Boy National Anthem 1988
38Queen Latifah - Ladies First (feat. Monie Love)
3937aSounds of Blackness - Optimistic 1991
4038Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman She s Homeless 1991
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4442Mary Jane Blige - All Night Long 1994
4543Craig Mack - Get Down 1994
4644Groove Theory - Tell Me 1995
4745Maxwell Ascension - Don t Ever Wonder 1996
4848Estelle - American Boy Feat. Kanye West 2008
4949Outkast - Ms. Jackson 2000
5051 Beat This: A Hip Hop History (1984)


The hip-hop Sound System like a awesome swirling black hole, engulfing & combined cordially with the previous dimensions Blues, R&B, Jazz, Rock, funk, Reggae and New wave to emerge Hip Pop, a powerful new over arching vibe and sound dynamic. All musical dimensions, are where the souls traveled, so not to be damaged by the suffering endured by the body i.e. chattel slavery, the brutality of racism, oppression and economic impoverishment.

From were did Hip Hop emerge? is a question quite different from the question of power: what was hip hop created to do? However, in order to attempt to understand the second question, a coherent understanding of hip hop origins is to be understood.